In India, there are approximately 2.2 million self-help groups (NABARD, 2006) representing 33 million members who have taken micro-finance services to start their own small businesses. Self-help groups are seen as instruments of changes empowering women to take ownership, develop leadership skills and sustain a stable life for themselves and their families.


Additionally, India is also home to nearly 7 million artisans making 40% of the global artisanal workforce. Sadly though, their income merely accounts for 2% of the 400 billion USD global handicraft industry (Dasra, 2013). Many of these crafts are struggling to find a global audience and are at verge of extinction.


Our mission is to provide fair, and dignified livelihood opportunities for artisans (mostly women), in partnership with independent female artists, women-benefitting self-help groups, small and medium-sized women-led enterprises, and NGOs across India. We co-create products with our artisan partners that are mindfully & ethically made and sustainable. We use natural fibres that have a low carbon footprint. 

Through deep and meaningful relationship with craftspeople, we create

- dignified livelihood opportunities

- planet and people positive products

- connection to a global audience.


Firmly rooted in our two cultures, Moi Namaste is a Finnish-Indian lifestyle brand that promotes mindful living and ethical consumerism.

Our Values

Hindu Celebration


We believe in mindfully and slowly creating our products with a lot of love and care.


10% of our profits go back to supporting causes related to education, women's health, sustainability & artisan empowerment.

We are mindful of the stories we share about our craftspeople. We pride our selves in bringing products that can be traced back to it's makers and are honest when we don't know!


We prioritise building long-lasting, deep and meaningful relationships with our artisans, rooted in mutual respect & admiration. We follow fair trade practices, not engaging in any child or forced labour and pay our artisans fairly.

We focus on working with initiatives that goes beyond providing financial incentive to craftspeople, but additionally lead education, health, upskilling or other community development efforts for the artisans and their families.


We have only one planet and we are lucky that India hosts a variety of environmentally conscious crafts that we choose to work with and celebrate.

If we find vintage items or products lying around as deadstock, we like to save them and bring them back to life!

We continue to strive to be an eco-conscious brand that uses materials and processes that are kind to mother Earth and our makers.