In India, there are approximately 2.2 million self-help groups (NABARD, 2006) representing 33 million members who have taken micro-finance services to start their own small businesses. Self-help groups are seen as instruments of changes empowering women to take ownership, develop leadership skills and sustain a stable life for themselves and their families.


Additionally, India is also home to nearly 7 million artisans making 40% of the global artisanal workforce. Sadly though, their income merely accounts for 2% of the 400 billion USD global handicraft industry (Dasra, 2013). Many of these artisans are struggling to find an audience for their craft and in this current reality, are leaving their traditions & skills leading to the crafts going extinct.


In a different corner of the world, we also know and are part of a small, yet thriving community of socially-conscious individuals that hold a desire to buy handmade, meaningful products for their Nordic homes & lives.


More than just a shop, moi namaste hopes to be a linkage between India & Finland (maybe, even the world?) and create a welcoming environment that contributes to the cultural and social growth of all involved.

Moi Namaste is an e-commerce platform and a Finnish social enterprise celebrating and connecting Indian craftsmanship with the world.

For the Artisans: At Moi Namaste, our vision is to provide fair, dignified, and unbiased livelihood opportunities to artisans (mostly women), in partnership with independent female artists, women-benefitting self-help groups, small and medium-sized women-led enterprises, and NGOs across India.

For the Customers: Our mission is to offer an alternative buying experience by curating ethical, handmade, and socially-conscious pieces for thoughtful, global citizens of the world.

The Result? A collection of vibrant accessories and gifts that don’t only help you smile – but advances craftspeople both economically and socially.​

Our Values


We believe in showcasing the work of traditional as well as contemporary artists from across India. 


We don't discriminate in any form - gender, religion, caste, geographical, etc.


We follow Fair Trade practices and curate small, mindful collections of handicrafts that prevent unnecessary waste or production stress on our partners. All our products are sourced at an equitable, freely negotiated and mutually-agreed price.

People first

We prioritise building long-lasting relationships with our artisans, rooted in mutual respect & admiration.

We also focus on initiatives that not just support artisans financially but lead education, health, upskilling or other community development efforts.


Our artisan partners work hard to provide their children and families a better life.  


We know our artisans deserve all the attention, appreciation and support they can get. We share authentic stories, provide traceability for our products and offer opportunities to connect with our artisan partners.



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