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Products by Aftertaste are a work of love, hard work, and perseverance, handcrafted and hand-painted meticulously by women of this self-help group (SHG). Aftertaste women are mothers who belong to the urban, low-income communities of Mumbai (India) where their lives are ridden with poverty and daily existential challenges. 


Today, empowered with economic means, knowledge, and skills at Aftertaste, these women are breaking the vicious cycle of social and economic poverty through art. Deprived of opportunities of education and exposure themselves, today the women are fulfilling their dreams of educating their children, and charting a better life path for their families.


As you enjoy these handmade products over a period of time, may you enjoy the lingering aftertaste of being connected to their journey and playing a unique role in empowering the Aftertaste women. 

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SURA is a self-help group based in Cuddalore (India), born out of the participating women's struggle to pay their children’s rising school fees and home loans. Facilitated with the help of the local school and a micro-finance loan, SURA started creating handmade products that could help support their families economically. 

SURA’s deepest impact has been around behaviour shifts and mindset change in the women they work with. From being uncertain and insecure, women are now planning and confidently taking ownership of their work. Product design, prototype, and process-setting are collectively done along with the women. Husbands are far less skeptical about sending their wives to a tailoring class far off, and instead are helping with balancing home chores. Today, the village stakeholders look at SURA as a productive collective with over 200 customers that have been sensitised by this group of hard-working and determined women!

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