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In the North, we so far have work with one NGO, Prabhat Society for Child Development. It was started in 1992 with a single aim; to create a place of love & acceptance for children with disabilities. 

Avacayam is the "Go Natural' initiative of Society for Child Development. It is staffed entirely by people with disabilities. We are thrilled to partner with them for our natural incense sticks as it aligns with our values of being Mindful, Ethical And Sustainable. 

Together our artisans engage in waste flower recycling (found from neighborhood temples and other places of worship) and creating livelihood opportunities for people with disabilities.

The crafts of India are diverse, rich in history, culture and religion. The craft of each state in India reflects the influence of different empires as well as ways of life. Throughout centuries, crafts have been embedded as a culture and tradition within rural communities. At Moi Namaste, we have worked with crafts clusters across the country with the aim of providing sustainable livelihood opportunities for them and celebrating their amazing skills and stories.


From Eastern India, we have had the honour to work with Artisans from two different states - Nagaland and Odisha. 

Our beaded earrings are made by Runway Nagaland. Situated in Dimapur, The women's group has the vision to promote ‘Made in Nagaland’ brand. An all-women artisans team, they are dedicated to traditional unique techniques of making handmade accessories using glass beads, wooden beads, banana fibres, and more. 

Second, our Sabai grass baskets are made by another women-led, women artisan group called Kalaghar. KalaGhar is a craft-based social enterprise, empowering women artisans of two districts in Odisha and creating dignified livelihood opportunities for them. Started in a small village in Balasore district with 6 artisans, today they work with 60+ artisans from Mayurbhanj and Balasore districts in Odisha.  




In the state of Rajasthan, we work with a variety of block print houses to bring your beautiful handcrafted products likes quilts, rugs, pyjamas, pouches, bags, etc. In the past, we have collaborated with Ridhi Sidhi textiles, Bhagat fabrics, Tonk Textile house, TMBC, etc. From the small village of Kaladera, we have also worked with the family of Kailash Pattwa to bring you this beautiful thread Pattwa craft. This year, we have also created a capsule collection of mulberry silk scarves with LEERA (Livelihood Empowerment and Encouragement of Rural Artisans) from Sujangarh.


From the western coast of Mumbai, we work with an amazing Women's group called Aftertaste. Products by Aftertaste are a work of love, hard work, and perseverance, handcrafted and hand-painted meticulously by women of this self-help group (SHG). Aftertaste women are mothers who belong to the urban, low-income communities of Mumbai (India) where their lives are ridden with poverty and daily existential challenges. 

From the city, we also work with Bombay Paperie. In Ahmedabad, Bombay Paperie is reviving a 17th-century tradition of creating paper, using cotton waste lint, and done by lifting the paper by hand on woven grass mats. This tree-free paper isn't available on our website, but can be bought in our popups! We have also collaborated with amazingly skilled tribal artisans of Okhai, a women self-help group set up by  Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD).


Working with SURA has been a pleasure for us. Our founder Pukhraj and the Sura founder Nisha Subramanium used to be teachers in the Teach for India fellowship together. We have taken our love for social impact in this new world of handmade crafts. 

SURA is a self-help group based in Cuddalore (India), born out of the participating women's struggle to pay their children’s rising school fees and home loans. Facilitated with the help of the local school and a micro-finance loan, SURA started creating handmade products that could help support their families economically. 

SURA’s deepest impact has been around behaviour shifts and mindset change in the women they work with. Today, the village stakeholders look at SURA as a productive collective with over 200 customers that have been sensitised by this group of hard-working and determined women!

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group photo

Sharing in reflection circles
Sharing in reflection circles

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sura women 1

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In the crafts state of Madhya Pradesh, we partner with KhaDigi, an Innovative sustainable fabric manufacturing company that is empowering artisans based in 7 clusters of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The founder and friend, Umang Sridhar, has been recognized in 2019 by Forbes Asia in their 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs community! With her help, we have been working with weavers across MP and a women's centre called Maha Shakti Seva Kendra based in Bhopal. 

Mahashakti Seva Kendara, established in 1992, is an all-women organization operating in the field of economic and social upliftment of women in Bhopal. Women from the grief-stricken localities of Bhopal, which had witnessed the worlds greatest Industrial disaster more than a decade ago because of the savage use of poisonous chemicals, have tried to give a creative expression to their pain in our upcycled collection of sarees!

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