COVID19: What better time to support female artists, solo entrepreneurs, dreamers and makers?

Updated: Jan 7

This year has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride, and I have caught myself many a time wondering:

How can Moi Namaste be a forerunner in reimagining how we make, sell and shop for things in our daily lives?


  • We create slowly, ethically and by hand.

  • We buy fairly, with love.

  • We sell to make a social impact.

  • We preserve & celebrate Indian culture & craftsmanship

Inspired by all the amazing, female, Indian (or India-inspired) artists out there, we decided to expand our platform to include more stories, crafts, and more handmade love.

Apart from supporting marginalized groups of artisans, we are now bringing FABULOUS FEMALE artists, designers, entrepreneurs, dreamers, and makers to our platform.

The only catch -

All pieces need to be handmade and inspired by the art, craft, and culture of India.
And, to live up to our commitment, we will donate 1€ from product sales to a social cause of their choice.

And guess what? We already have our first collaboration with Chinmayee Sridharan, the amazing creator of the Urvi Project.

Chinmayee is a lover of traditional Indian textiles and when her old cotton wallet ran its course, she went on a quest to find a new one. Disappointed with what she found, just like all our cool creators & artists of the world, she took the problem into her own hands and created her first-ever, handmade & eco-friendly wallet!

Now a year and a half later, Chinmayee has made a variety of products ranging from wallets, cards holders, passport holders, etc. and truly mastered her craft. In this collaboration with us, Chinmayee has created unique passport covers & 6-slot card holders especially for you! Like in all her work, she has used traditional Indian textiles like Ajrakh & Ikka - all ethically and locally sourced from Chennai.

"I've always loved Indian prints, and that's exactly what I used for my first piece. There were a couple of elements I decided to leave out in order to make sure my wallet was completely sustainable. It turned out SO well, and I had so much fun making it, I considered asking people if they'd be interested in using one, and that's how it all started! 'u r v i' means Earth, and I found it to be the perfect name for my project. For the past one and a half years, u r v i has been evolving, and I'm so excited to see where it goes!", shares Chinmayee.

Social Impact Goal: For each product sold online, 1€ will be donated to Goonj, a non-governmental organisation headquartered in Delhi, India, towards their "Not Just A Piece of Cloth" Menstruation/Period Awareness campaign.

In India, 1.8 Crore women with disability, more than 5 Crore women from the tribal community, 6.5 Crore migrant women, 20+ lakh sex workers are missing their voices in addressing their challenges around menstruation. (1 crore = 10 million, 1 lakh = 100,000)

The goal of this campaign is to break the culture of shame and silence around menstruation for the last women in rural and slum India and address their menstrual hygiene challenges with a Triple-A approach on menstrual Access, Awareness and Affordability. The Goonj team motivates urban masses to contribute cloth for making ‘MY Pads’ cloth sanitary pads for women who struggle even for this basic.

If you wish to support this Chinmayee and this cause of her choice, join us on Instagram - Friday, 9th October 2020 at 1800 EEST, for the product's launch!

Hope to see you there!

Kiitos, Namaste.

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