Empowering artisans from 6000 kilometers away

Updated: Jan 7

to hate

is an easy lazy thing

but to love

takes strength

everyone has

but not all are

willing to practice

- Rupi Kaur

As we start this journey, supporting and helping empower Indian artisans 6000 kilometres away, we hope to find you as our supporters, collaborators and champions.

Because empowerment doesn't happen without a community.

We believe in showcasing work of traditional as well as contemporary artists from across India. 

We curate small, mindful collections of handicrafts that prevent unnecessary waste or production stress on our partners.

We prioritise building long-lasting relationships with our artisans, rooted in mutual respect & admiration.

We work hard to share authentic stories, provide traceability for our products and offer easy access & connections with our artisan partners.

We know our artisans deserve all the attention, appreciation and support they can get.

Hope you will join us.

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