Moi Namaste Turns 1!

Updated: Mar 7

First of all Happy Valentines Day everyone! Hope you are having a loving, self-care day, with or without a partner!

The idea of Moi Namaste started at our wedding - dipped and covered in love, like honey, no wonder we decided that 14th February is the day to make our passion project public!

Since the day we started, we have met hundreds of you who have placed your order through our website and even more in person at our pop-up and markets! On social media, we have nearly 1200 followers who love the stories of India that we happen to share every other day!

In this time, we successfully collaborated with five craft clusters/groups across four states of India. Through our work, we provided fair, dignified livelihood opportunities to hundreds of artisans and their families, while showcasing & transforming four authentic Indian crafts to meet modern sensibilities.

These numbers might feel small, but for a one-year-old company that was run by two people as a part-time passion project for 10 months, this feels like a BIG WIN!

So thank you for joining us this year! As for next year, hopefully, our plans show you our mission to connect you with Indian craftsmanship!

Next year

We hope to

- Showcase ancient Indian crafts from each corner of the country!

- Provide fair, dignified livelihood opportunities to double the artisans.

- Spread awareness and education about Indian crafts and the need for artisan education, training & upliftment.

Instead of donating small amounts to various groups throughout the year, at the end of every year, we pledge to donate 10% of our company profits! If you work in artisan training & development, or women empowerment, email us at your proposal to work with our artisans.

To many more challenges, opportunities & growth,

Pukhraj & Iiro

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