New Year, New Beginnings

Wishing all our supporters, patrons, and artisans a beautiful and meaningful New Year.

This year,

May we work and advocate for the artisan communities that have been ignored or disregarded over the course of last year,

May we cover landscapes that nourish the souls of our rural and urban craftspeople,

May we remember to connect and link our stories, skills and personal histories to empower artisans and preserve our culture.

Leaving you with this beautiful poem by Sasha Haines-Stiles, that is inspiring us as we step into and get ready to conquer 2021!


On the one hand,

these days it’s so easy

not to use hands,

to click and press print

without leaving fingerprints.

On the other,

small muscles

remember the pleasure

of threading, twisting,

wrapping sweetgrass

to make of swift leaves

a basket that lifts,

protects and lasts.

Of winding, spooling,

knotting to loop and stitch

warmth from a single stretch

of yarn. Of forming poems

from paper and ink,

art crafted word by word,

line by line,

link by human link.

Thank you again for your support in 2020! Wishing you a wonderful & prosperous year ahead!

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