Hand block printed travel set with three differently sized pouches and weekend bag, ideal for post-COVID travel plans!



  • Hand block printed travel pouch - available in 3 sizes
  • 100% cotton, hand block printed
  • Includes an inner semi-waterproof lining.



  • Big: 12 x 14 x 24 cm
  • Medium: 10 x 12 x 22 cm
  • Small: 8 x 10 x 20 cm
  • Weekend Bag: 25 x 23 x 55cm


Care: Dry cleaning recommended for long life. Can also be washed on a cold gentle cycle and laid flat to dry. Fast colours but the first wash is recommended to be done separately.


Product Traceability: 100% made in India

  • Stitched and Block printed by hand in Jaipur


Price Transparency: 

  • 24% VAT
  • 16% Export & Customs
  • 25% Sourcing Costs
  • 18% Marketing & Website costs
  • 2% Admin fees
  • 15% Profit  


Purchasing Model:

  • We follow fair pricing practices. Bought at a price as shared by the block print house.
  • No negotiation strategies involved.


Commitment to Human Rights:

  • No child or forced labour involved


Sustainability Factor:

  • 100% Cotton fabric printed by hand.
  • Low carbon emissions.
  • Eco-friendly Azo-free dyes. 


Craft: Hand Block Printing on textiles refers to the technique by which carved wooden blocks covered with dye are repeatedly pressed along a length of cloth to create patterns. Read More.

100% Cotton Blockprint Travel Set 005

16,00 €Price
  • No two pouches are the same! The uniqueness and authenticity that each handmade product brings to our collection is something we pride ourselves in immensely.

    Hope you enjoy the extra dose of gratitude and lov