Wild Saba grass transformed into beautiful baskets for your home walls or as fruit baskets!



  • 12 inches diameter
  • Made of natural material - wild Sabai grass
  • Decorated with cotton threads - Black, Maroon & Dark Blue
  • Have a small hoop to hang on the wall.


Care: Dust with a dry fabric. No washing.


Product Traceability: 100% made in India

  • Natural wild grass obtained from rural fields of Odisha
  • Cotton threads locally sourced.


Price Transparency:

  • 24% VAT
  • 16% Export & Customs
  • 30% Material & Sourcing Costs
  • 13% Marketing & Website costs
  • 2% Admin fees
  • 15% Profit  


Purchasing Model:

  • We follow fair pricing practices. Bought at a price as shared by the craft cluster.
  • No negotiation strategies involved.


Commitment to Human Rights:

  • No child or forced labour involved. Made by women artisans.


Sustainability Factor:

  • 100% Natural grass, crafted by hand.
  • Low carbon emissions.


Craft: Grass crafts of the East.

FLOURISH Sabai Grass Baskets

26,00 €Price
  • There might be slight differences between the actual product and what is seen online. This is common when online shopping. 

    The uniqueness and authenticity that each handmade product brings to our collection is something we pride ourselves on immensely. We hope you enjoy the extra dose of gratitude and love from our makers all the way from India!