Beautifully handcrafted kaftans that are people and planet-positive! Made by women artisans from pre-loved, vintage, and deadstock sarees. 



  • Material: Banana Cotton. Made from pre-loved, vintage, and deadstock Indian sarees.
  • Free Size
  • Approximate Dimensions: L: 130cms, W: 118cms (slight variations due to the dimensions of the saree)
  • Minute imperfections are part of the saree's history and add to the charm of the Kaftan. Comes in a fabric wash pouch made from excess saree fabric.


Care: The kaftans are made with a lot of love. Wash in mild detergent and with care. Should not loose colour, but do a dip check if needed.


Product Traceability: 100% made in India

  • Pre-loved, vintage, and deadstock sarees sources from India
  • Stitched by women artisans of Mahashakti Seva Kendra, Bhopal


Price Transparency:

  • 24% VAT
  • 16% Export & Customs
  • 30% Material & Sourcing Costs
  • 13% Marketing & Website costs
  • 2% Admin fees
  • 15% Profit  


Purchasing Model:

  • We follow fair pricing practices.
  • Sarees were bought at wholesale price from vendors. Kaftans were stitched at a price quoted by the women group.
  • No negotiation strategies involved.


Commitment to Human Rights:

  • No child or forced labour involved. Providing sustainable livelihood for women artisans in Bhopal.


Sustainability Factor:

  • Rescuing pre-loved, vintage, and deadstock sarees that would be burnt or sent to landfills. Elongating the lives of the fabric.


Craft: Upcycling

SYOM Ansuiya Kaftan 033

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  • There might be slight differences between the actual product and what is seen online. This is common when online shopping. 

    The uniqueness and authenticity that each handmade product brings to our collection is something we pride ourselves on immensely. We hope you enjoy the extra dose of gratitude and love from our makers all the way from India!